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Part 43 Maintenance

We complete Part 43 Maintenance in order to maintain your aircraft to ensure the continued validity of your Airworthiness Certificate.


Our experienced technicians have completed thousands of avionics installations for happy customers both locally and nationwide.


Cracked plastic, mismatched instruments or new avionics can make a panel look and feel a bit past it. Make your avionics shine with a panel refresh and updated instruments for a cohesive look you'll be proud of.


With the "New Southern Sky programme" now implemented, operators are now required to have a minimum of ADS-b OUT if flying in controlled airspaces. Talk to our technicians about solutions that work for you. 

Drones/Unmanned Aerial Systems

This new area of Aviation being utlised in forestry, mapping and many more applications sometimes need a tweak to get systems working just as required. We're happy to work on solutions with you.