Try ADS-b out for size...

We know you're all different

so we don't expect the same ADS-b solution to work for everyone. We are more than happy to talk through the units available, their capabilities and limitations, but here is some information to help get you started. For more detailed information, click on the image to link through to the manufacturers website. Please contact us to discuss units and pricing as this will differ depending on your current setup and requirements. 


A cost effective ADS-b out unit that has recently been STC'd for use in rotary as well as fixed wing aircraft. Offering a robust, easy to use solution with inbuilt GPS, the Appareo Stratus ESG also has the option of a separate ADS-b in unit, the Stratus 3, which when combined, gives complete ADS-b in and out capability. 

Garmin GTX335 (out) / GTX345 (out and in)

Tried and true, the Garmin GTX 335 transponder offers a one-box, one-swap solution. It’s optionally available with a built-in WAAS GPS position source – so everything needed to meet compliance standards for a certified ADS-B in solution can be provided with this all-in-one package installation.

The GTX 345 offers both out and in capability and can be teamed with compatible cockpit displays or streamed wirelessly via Garmin Connext to Garmin aera 796/795 and aera 660 series portables, as well as to tablets/mobile devices by way of the Garmin Pilot™, ForeFlight Mobile or FltPlan Go apps.


With touch screen technology the NGT-9000 by L3 is a true ADS-b in and out solution. With the capability to display a range of information including traffic and airports,  this is a leading unit when it comes to equipping your aircraft with a one-box  ADS-b system. Also has the ability to WIFI to your PED.


Due to the component nature of this system, please call for pricing. 

A well know player in the Avionics world, Trig have a combination option for ADS-b out combining either the TT22 or TT31 transponder with one of the Trig range of GPS receivers. Trig are the market leaders for units that are light and compact making them an ideal solution for tight spaces or light aircraft.